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Upcoming Events

Emerge Prison Crusade

June 5, 2020

Emerge Prison Crusade Columbia, SC Ministers: Jay & Deborah Ross

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Emerge Prison Crusade

August 21, 2020

Emerge Prison Crusade Columbia, SC Ministers: Jay & Deborah Ross

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Bowman Reunion

October 23, 2020

Bowman 1980 Class Reunion Keynote: Deborah Ross

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Latest Blog Articles

A Healthy Marriage

Learn practical and spiritual steps to having a healthy marriage. For men & Women. Read More

Submitting One to Another

The term "submission" can be such a foreign concept. Whether viewed as a sign of weakness or as outdated protocol, many Christians will refuse to adopt a lifestyle of "submitting one to another" - especially in marriage. Tragically, all too often our words and our actions don't match up, when it comes to practicing life application skills of God's Kingdom principles. Read More

Breaking the Generational Curse

In looking at some basic fundamentals of How to Break Generational Curses, or better said, How to Live in Generational Blessings, I'd like to offer you a brief outline to the question... "How do we break destructive, dysfunctional cycles that seem to be passed from one generation to another in our family tree?" Read More

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