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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 19, 2016
Dear brothers and sisters please stand in faith and prayer with me that I will get home to my children. I am currently on probation in a state that I do not live in because I got in trouble while visiting. I need everyone to believe with me that my transfer for probation will be approved so I can get home to my children and family. I have already been denied a few times because I did not have a suitable home in the eyes of probation. I am now trying to be approved at my mother's house because my children are there with her. I do not have the financial means to bring them out here or really know anybody out here at all. I just ask you to all pray with me that my case falls into the right officers hands and he is understanding and compassionate towards my situation and that they don't take their sweet time to get to my case. My children are 17 months and 3 months old and I have not seen them in the past 2 months. I long to be home with them so bad I cry day and night because I miss them. Thank you God for hearing and answering my prayer and thank you dear brothers and sisters for praying and believing with me.
Leticia M. Post
March 12, 2016
Help me pray for my marriage restoration. My husband, JR, left us on January 10,2016. We need a miracle and for God to show his mighty power in my marriage! May no weapon formed against this marriage prosper in the name of Jesus! Help me pray the Lord humbles him, brings him to his knees so that he can cry out to Jesus! Thank you and may all honor go to the Jesus Christ! Amen.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 22, 2016
God, You knows my pain, You know what was happened. You see everything, i came with a broken heart. he continued to hurt me and always acted as if nothing happened, insult me and throw me. I tried to cover my feelings from everyone, every day i struggle. but i couldn't stop waiting for his promise responsible on me. I am still waiting for the miracle to come one day and waiting for the touch of who reject and hurt me. God, You knows how long i have waited, i can't do anything without Your blessing. I need You Father, i need You, please don't leave me. Please Father, help me, I'm tired of crying, pain and suffering make me losing my mind. I couldn't touch his heart, please help Father touched damianus aditya heart for me. I was desperate, He still doesn't care about me, and have fun with another women. please I don't know how much longer I had to pretend, too painful. I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please giving miracles for me.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 6, 2016
Please pray for my beloved husband, Francisco, to be set free from all his addictions and sinful lifestyle, return to the Lord and his marriage, in Jesus' Name!
Natasha p. Post
February 5, 2016
Please I request prayer for my husband and I. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage.

Thank you so much. ..
Jon S. Post
January 29, 2016
Pray that God will heal my broken marriage and my wife, (Sandy), hardened heart. She has moved out, sleeping with another man, and threatens divorce, which is not in accord. with 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 and Malachi 2:16.
Pray that the Lord will send a messenger in her path to remind her of her vows, the consequences of divorce, and to reconcile this marriage in accordance with God's perfect will.
Pray that Sandy will not file for divorce.
Pray a protecting hedge of thornbushes around Sandy, rebuking Satan, all demonic forces and all who attempt to destroy our marriage. I'm trusting in God's intervention for the miracle of Marriage Restoration by pleading the blood of Jesus over our covenant.
"but with God all things are possible"
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 28, 2015
Please pray for my husband Richard. He is abusing muscle relaxants he is prescribed and he is scaring me. I'm afraid he will stop breathing and die. Please pray for his deliverance from this addiction and that he will turn his life around to the Lord. Thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 8, 2015
Please pray for the healing of my marriage. Please pray my husband regurns home and our family is restored.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 28, 2015
Please pray for my friend she had surgery and came home fine but then began bleeding from her mouth and had to go to ER. She came home again but is very weak. Pray for God to heal and strengthen her as all she is doing right now is sleeping and eating and drinking very little. Also pray she is able to get an extended leave from work as she seems to need it now.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 20, 2015
I'm desperate to have God do whatever he has to do to bring my husband (David)back to his senses and give him an epiphany and a new heart. He's having an affair. We have been married 25 years.Lord whenever he is thinking of this woman, or with her I beg you Lord that he see the eyes of his wife(Jeanne, children C, C, J, C, Grandkids P, P, P, H and baby E) and that his heart be pierced with pain he is causing each and everyone of us by this dishonorable action. "What God has joined together let no man divide"" Drink from your own sistern or you curse yourself to hell"-Lord send your Holy Spirit to download to Dave these truth. Lord I beg you make every action to continue this affair wrought with distress
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