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Marie P. Post
August 20, 2014
Please pray with me for the healing and restoration of my marriage. That my husband 's heart will be touched by God to be open to reconciliation , to leave an adulterous relationship, and that I may know grace, strength and wisdom at this time.
pirfa k. Post
March 9, 2014
please help me pray to God to destroy any spirit of witch crafting working against my life,destiny and future. am a graduate looking for a job here in Nigeria.
Jackie P. Post
March 6, 2014
Please,pray that God will bless me. I am going through a lot. Pray that Gog will restore me and James so we can be married again. I divorced him a year ago. After 33 years. Because of this woman. I still love James. And he tells me sometimes that he loves me. But he is still living with her. Pray that God will remove her out of his life for good. And restore us ,so we can be remarried. And do Gods will for marriage. pray that my children SSI money will be returned. And that my van gets fixed right ,without me having to pay a lot of money. Thanks
Jacquelline W. Post
February 21, 2014
In recent months I have discovered that I really don't know my husband. He has had a total personality change and not for the better. He had an affair and promised he would break all ties with her in his own time. For a while all was fine and he went right back to her. He wants a divorce. Please pray for healing this marriage.
Shannon S. Post
January 21, 2014
Please pray for my husband's salvation. I would also appreciate prayers for my children and my strength to remain standing for our marriage and family to be reconciled. Please pray he returns from the far country soon, as we are in the middle of a divorce I don't want. Thank you and God Bless!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 16, 2013
please pray for my victory in spiritual warfare and divine protection for my family thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 24, 2013
Hi, I need to the strength and desire to get back into church. I need to sleep at night, and up during the days. I am feeling isolated and want to fellowship with other believers. I need a breakthrough and be able to find the right church, to worship God. I feel alone in my walk, thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 29, 2013
Please pray for a breakthrough in my family and marriage, my wife has filed for divorce. I believe God can change both of us and our situation unto his glory.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 20, 2013
please pray for me to get marriage immediately amen.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 20, 2013
Please pray for my marriage to be restored. My husband divorced me years ago and left but in the last two years, we have reconnected with each other. Now the enemy wants to take my husband away from me again with a job offer. Please pray for the enemy's plans to not succeed and for God to restore my marriage and for my husband to find his faith again. For my husband to love me and want me as his wife again.
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