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Pamela B. Post
November 27, 2019
My husband Bryan filed for divorce. I did not want a divorce. My husband has been very selfish tword me. Can you please pray God is going to do a miracle in my marriage situation real soon.
jeanne p. Post
November 17, 2019
Satan has assaulted my life in every avenue for 5 yrs now. The last 3 have been murderous. I made confession that I was a lost sinner before the congregation and made profession of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savor. There are ppl that want the credit for what God has done in my life and I glorify Christ Alone. I need God to intervene and soon. My physical, mental health, finances, personal, spiritual, personal, church ,and prayer life have been devastated. I ask you to pray me to the Lord.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 6, 2019
Peace to all who have been divorced without desiring it. Pray for my former husband's salvation and restoration of our marriage stronger than it was. Although he committed adultery I was and still am willing to show the love of God through forgiveness. I know God's faith and favor sustain me, but I've never lost the desire for this to be our witness together. He remarried but not the woman he left for. This has not hindered my prayer for God to restore us. I ask you to join me in standing for a marriage I believe God brought to me and Satan took away. I need warriors of faith to pray with me to know and do God's will. I pray this like the woman seeking an answer from the unjust judge. I am relentless in praying God's word and want an army of women to join me until the prodigal returns and uses this miraculous event as a witness to a world that too readily accepts discarding marriages. God hates divorce and so do I. If this is not God's will- I pray also for Him to make it plain to me and to enable me to have a new love or accept being single for the rest of my life.
Jena B. Post
October 29, 2019
Please Pray for my husband Preston, that he would continue to turn away from sin, that he is completely honest with me, that all contact and communication would be severed between him and Kristen, that the soul tie between him and Kristen would be broken and he would come to complete repentance with God. That our marriage would be restored, renewed and healed.
Jai T. Post
August 23, 2019
I am asking for prayer for Derrick & Jai, the enemy has been trying to attack our upcoming marriage via the battlefield of mind because of trust issues on his part. I would also like prayer to be healed completely of a kidney infection, UTI tract, and kidney's.
Diamond D. Post
May 23, 2019
Please pray for my pregnancy that it will be a healthy one. The doctors are saying that they can’t hear a heart beat or see a fetal pole or yolk sac. I’m not that far along but I also didn’t know I was pregnant and was smoking tobacco. I really want this baby and want it to grow. Thank you so much.
pallavi c. Post
April 17, 2019
please pray for my marriage to be done with a pastor(T.Upendar rao) whom I liked. they are coming to set the marriage match to me on monday(22/04/2019).but my father not willing to give me to,please pray for to set the marriage with the pastor only.and my parents that they didn't put any obstacle or objection. also pray for to set with him happily and the two families must happy with that.thankyou so much for praying for me
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 5, 2019
Kindly pray for my husband adrine as he is in a evil influence and wants to get divorced. Please god give my husband the wisdom and strength to quit all bad habits and evil influence. Please do not let him break the holy sacrament of marriage and the commandments we have a year old son
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 8, 2019
Please pray that God softens my husband's hardened heart and that he may stop all divorce proceedings.
Amy T. Post
January 14, 2019
We asked for 30-days of silence with my parents/landlord so we could pray for them because we felt they had wandered off the straight and narrow path. Since then they have verbally attacked us multiple times; lied to the IRS, the county, the court, us and others; and continued violating our rights to privacy (barge into our house & bedrooms without knocking, go through our things, eavesdrop outside our doors, and more). They lied to the court to say my roommates don’t pay rent, but I defended them with the truth. They lost and now they are doing an eviction for all 3 of us. All we ask is for prayer asking for God’s will to be done in this situation, a new home, the finances to get that home, and money to move. We are currently in the eviction process, so prayers as soon as possible is appreciated. Through the prayers and faith of God’s people, God will move mountains. Thank you and God bless.
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