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hayley r. Post
October 5, 2016
Today, as he does every other day, God did something incredible for me.

Today I lost my beloved pet rabbit to an abscess that was attached to his main artery and pressing on his wind pipe. I took him to the vets expecting them to flush out the abscess and to be picking him up by 4pm. This was not the case. They called me 12:50pm while I was at work and told me it wasn't looking very good and it would be difficult to remove, I immediately burst into tears and my boss sent me home, so I went for the train.

When I got on the train I started to pray for Oskar, I prayed that Jesus would restore his health and heal him. The vets called again at 1:15pm and told me the abscess was pressing on his wind pipe and was attached to his main artery and that it would have been impossible to remove it without killing him, so in my mist of tears and breathlessness I reluctantly agreed to let them euthanize him. I was absolutely heartbroken, my poor baby boy, who had been happy and full of life hours earlier, was gone.

I arrived at the vets at 2pm and was taken into a room and given some tissues while she talked me through everything that she found. All I could think while she was talking was, my poor boy is gone, he's gone and I want him back. There's nothing you can say that will bring him back or make me feel better, I don't want to listen to this.

When I left and arrived home at 2:30pm, thoughts of "why would God let my rabbit die and leave me in this pain" started to seep into my mind. So I prayed for faith. And that's what God gave me. Even in the time when I felt faithless, he gave me faith.

2 years ago I lost my dog of 10 years and grieved for over a year, this was before I found Jesus roughly 1 year ago, and wondered why he was taken away. But with my rabbit, God gave me this kind of clarity and peace; I prayed for God's best while I was on the train travelling to the vets, and that's what I got.

God took my rabbit with him today because that was best for my rabbit. He was suffering, and God ended his suffering because he's a loving God. God opened my heart so that I wouldn't feel bitter and be selfish about this. What was best for me, having my rabbit stay alive because I'd miss him, was not what was best for my rabbit, and I want to praise and thank God for putting this on my heart, giving me peace, and faith when I most needed it. I haven't cried since, no doubt it will come back around to get me, but when it does, I know God will be there to heal the pain.

The Lord is amazing, I love him so much.
Whitney C. Post
June 26, 2013
I talked to you at Faith, Family, and Freedom in Concord I want to let you know i am reading your book healing broken marriages and so far i have enjoyed it. I am not done with it but i hope it ,akes a differemce i will never forget what you told me at that concert and i now look on your paige daily to see if it has impacted anymore lives.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 15, 2013
Just wanted you to know that all the time, effort and studying you do to teach God's Word has brought forth great rewards for me and my mother. For over 20 years we have struggled with our relationship and at one point I had basically given up. I have fervently prayed that our relationship would one day be restored and I could love and respect her because I wanted too, not because the Bible said I had too. Well after your teaching at ARM (Addiction Recovery Ministry), my mom confessed to you that your teaching had opened her eyes to alot of things she had once been blinded from. Today I am proud to announce it is day 10 of her transformation. 10 is a hugggeeeee number because usually she will change for a day or two and then go back to her old self. I truly believe that through my prayers and the Word you taught, God was able to reach her and mold her to the mom she has always wanted to be. The seed you planted is growing strong in her and I praise the Lord and you for that....
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 20, 2013

Dear Deborah,

I want to thank you so much for following the Lord, and staying in covenant relationship with Jay, even when all hell broke loose! You saw that HE was the treasure, and you stayed committed, wanting to win him to the Lord and back to yourself and your family. You have been such an awesome example to us, and to me personally! My marriage has been painful for years, but through your teachings, encouragement, and example of love for the Lord and your husband, I have chosen to stay in covenant with my husband. It is NOT about is not even about my husband! It is all about the LORD and His kingdom coming and His will being done through us as it is in heaven, so HIS glory will be revealed in yet another couple. You have encouraged me to set things in Godly order in my home, so I have quit trying to take care of all of our debts and retirement, leaving that on my husband's shoulders. And I am trying to come up underneath him, so he will take on the spiritual headship of this family as the Lord desires. I have to entrust myself to my faithful creator who judges righteously in all this, as I Pet. 2:21-3:7 teaches us. It is really stretching me and my faith in the Lord, but I know in my heart this is right...and it is HIS way! Thank you SO much! May God bless you more and more as you bless others, and do His help others with difficult marriages! Yes and Amen!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 15, 2013
Are you teaching the Healing a Broken Marriage class on Wednesday evenings right now? If so, I would like to come. I need to learn how to be the wife I am called to be and learn to be able to support my husband through this journey. I have much to learn because I have always been the head of our house and the breadwinner. I am ready to get in my rightful place and let my husband get healed and lead our family. I have a lot of fear and anxiety but I know that God is more than able. I also know that there is no fear or condemnation to those in Christ, I am in Christ so I am letting go and going to let God direct this path. Praise God for you and Jay. I am thanking Him constantly for you both being placed in our path. You both are used so mightily and I thank you for that. Jay also prayed with my husband to accept Christ. We can finally start getting healed in Jesus! Praise the Lord!
Deborah R. Post
December 31, 2011
The volunteer staff, DRM board and myself LOVE to hear how God has answered your prayer(s)! Please post your praises on this page so that we can celebrate with you on the great things that God has done in your life. And, if your praise report is directly linked to the teachings of this ministry, be sure to let us know that, too! Remember, your shout of praise may just be the special word that one of our viewers needs to hear so that they can stand strong in the midst of their own, personal storm. Please keep all praise report postings short and to the point and, as always, use good character.
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