Holiday Events / Christian Speaker, Deborah Ross

Extreme Make Over: The Spiritual Edition

beautiful way to celebrate the Christmas season!  Not only can your women's group expect a spiritual make-over, Deborah will also share her make-up artistry, fashion and home decorating do's and don't's for the holidays!

Perfect, Panic Attack or Peace

Ladies, if your quest for the perfect Christmas celebration brings more panic than peace... this conference will help you refocus your mission! Learn the importance of creating memories - rather than a reputation for being "Miss Perfect". It's time to rest in God's love and ENJOY your family and friends in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

ChristmasTime for the Honey's

Married couples - this is your date night!  Come out to hear Jay and Deborah's testimony and be encouraged to stand strong in faith, hope and love... all year long!  A great way to celebrate the birth of Jesus as He encourages the two of you to remember that the reason for the season is more than a baby in a manger; it's about a Savior Who brings Salvation! Learn the full meaning of your Salvation and how this revelation will keep your marriage alive.