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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 14, 2012
Dear warrios prayers, could you please pray for God's direction we want to know where He want us to live after He finish School as well for had a better comunication on aour marriage.
Thank you
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 24, 2012
A friend directed me to your website after asking her to be in prayer with me.
I learned today that my sister and her husband split up last week just thirty days before their 10th wedding anniversary. There's nothing significant that would be grounds for divorce, but of course the enemy has chipped away at their union over the years. They have two young daughters 7 and 8 plus to older boys 18 and 19 from previous relationships.
I'm praying for their salvation first and foremost and I believe with that in place everything else will fall in line once that's realized.
Jim B. Post
February 18, 2012
I forgot to add that I have not had a drink in four months. God has taken the taste and the desire/craving away from me. There is nothing about it that I want. I know that things are going to get better and I will feel better and ease toward complacency. I pray about that everyday too. I can't beat alcohol. I can't restore my marriage. But GOD CAN! And God will. I have turned it over to Him. Please pray for us.
Jim B. Post
February 18, 2012
Please pray for my marriage. I have battled alcohol all the time my wife and I have been together but it has really become a problem over the course of the last couple of years. We are currently separated for five months. She filed for divorce upon separation, waited through the holidays then said she had decided to move forward. That was another seven weeks ago. Generic filing. Hasn't asked for anything. Not even temporary order for support and we haven't had any type of hearing or any kind of proposal. She is obviously waiting and giving the marriage a chance and is not convinced she wants a divorce. However she is still not talking to me. Her attorney has a very aggressive reputation in the community and does not like cases to drag on or to settle. My wife reported back in November her attorney was pressing her for a list for a proposal. Nothing four months later. That is the Holy Spirit at work. Please pray that I will find work (My company brough me back after going to rehab so that they could find a reason to fire me and did). Please also pray that God will soften her heart and open up some kind of dialogue through a counselor. That is the only way she will be able to see that I have truly changed. Also, I enabled her to track my cell phone through att family map program. I remind her everyday through text to map me and she does because she tells my family she knew I went to 2 AA meetings yesterday or she knew that I was at the church for Celebrate Recovery Friday or I was at Church Wednesday or Sunday and that she knows I'm not hanging around with old friends and in bad places. Sorry for the long email. Obviously hurting and in need of prayer. I think my wife is afraid to move forward or backward but God has convinced her not to move forward at the present time. Please pray that He will show her that I have a broken heart and a contrite spirit and that I have changed. Thanks and God bless!
Shawn W. Post
February 9, 2012
I lost my godmother; Annie Perdue died in a car accident last Saturday. I want to you to pray for me, and I will be okay. I'm going through so much pain, and I feel so all alone. Thanks! Love, Shawn! <3
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 20, 2012
Dear Deborah and all others praying for their marriages,

My husband and I have been separated off and on for the last two years. He had/having an affair. He's not saved but I have decided to stand for our marriage. We need pray. I need prayers for strength and encouragement. I need prayers for keep my mouth shut too. My husband's words are hurtful and abusive. I think it is because he's hurt too but also because he is controlled by satan and his sinful nature. I have learned to enjoy my life and to enjoy my time with God. The hardest part for me is being patient. My tests keep repeating and I know it, I just want to get off this crazy cycle.

Thank you for listening and praying.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 16, 2012
I want to ask for prayer for my husband. I am praying for the Lord to save him and to set him free from the bondage of addiction. Deborah's book has been such an encouragement to me and has felt as though the Lord Himself is speaking to me. I desire to be faithful to my husband and to love him through this. It is very difficult but the Lord is so faithful and I believe that He will completely save my husband. Also please pray the the Lord will protect my children during this difficult time.
Deborah R. Post
December 31, 2011
I want to encourage you to use this prayer board to voice your sincere prayer requests. Not only will the DRM volunteer staff and board lift you up in prayer, but your petitions are made global so that the entire Christian community of intercessors who read this page can pray on your behalf. Please be sure to keep your requests short and to the point and above all keep all postings within the realm of good character. Then, once your prayer(s) are answered, BE SURE to let us know on the PRAISE REPORTS page of this web-site.
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