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Mary S. Post
December 12, 2012
My husband says his heart is cold toward me over a personal family curse from his past. Pray for him, please, and me for strength to see this through.
Kasmin D. Post
October 9, 2012
For Toms salvation, for the finished work of Is 7:7, Is 53, 54, 55, Eph 5:25, Ezek 36:26 in our marriage. That what Gods joined together let no man put under. Thanking God for our
Marriage reconciled, our children & family restored, healed according to Joshua 2:13, all Eph 3:20 and Ps 20:4 style. We forgive b/c we've been forgiven.
Egle P. Post
October 6, 2012
Please, pray for my marriege. I live in Brazil and I believe that yours pray can reach my husband here. Pray for his salvation! He is out of our house since 7 months ago. I beg for God bring him back transformed.
Thank you very much. God bless you and your's ministry.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
October 3, 2012
Please pray for God's will to be done in our marriage, my husband and I have been married for 4years.I lost my job in May of this year, and my husband abandon me on July 23 2012. Our anniversary was August 30th, my husband moved back in with his mother and is currently having an affair. He has committed adultery before, he has strayed away from God. Pray for his salvation and deliverance and pray for God to heal my broken heart. I am struggling day to day with anger, resentment, bitterness. Pray for me and my finances.
Angela Y. Post
September 1, 2012
My husband has left me and my three children five years ago to live with the child and mistress who was his secretary. He has completely abandoned my eldest son who has special needs. We are all hurting so deeply. We love him and want him back. Please pray for us, for his salvation, for the other woman to return to her own husband and for restrain of my family.
sarah h. Post
July 21, 2012
My husband left me & our 8 1/2 mo old daughter 12 days before our 5 year anniversary (June 2011). He is not a believer and divorce is looming near now. I know the Lord's purpose will prevail in all of this!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 2, 2012
My husband and I have been separated for two weeks now. This separation is hard on me and my 8 yr old daughter. Prayer partners, please pray that my husband heart will be soften towards our marriage, let my husband listen, when God speaks to him. Please pray that he is delivered and brought to full repentance before God. Ask God to remove anything from me and my husband, that may hinder our marriage restoration. Let no man seperate what you have join together, In Jesus name, I pray Amen.
Jilian R. Post
April 14, 2012
Again I humbly request you to kindly pray for my husband that GOD may deliver him from the Devil’s bondage (affair with another woman) after 16 years of our marriage life. He has never loved me but given only pain & sorrow throughout these years. I have one kid. I have hide my identity. He has forsaken ( do not touch ) me as wife living under one roof since one year. Kindly pray that GOD may open his blind eyes & show the reality of life & change his heart & fill with plenty of love & affection for me as a wife. Always I pray to GOD with tears. GOD is so kind & loving. GOD will definitely answer our prayers.
James B. Post
April 12, 2012
Requesting prayer for my wife Sonja Box and myself James Box, that God would heal our marriage, and remove the hurts and pains of the past! Restore the love and commitment we made to each other when we were married 19yrs. ago and vowed to stay together until death do us part! In Jesus most precious and Holy name!!! Amen
jessica c. Post
March 23, 2012
dear prayer warriors plesae assist me in praying for my marriage to joseph to succeed and also for financial breakthrough in our lives and in my brothers and sister life and also that God should heal my father permanently in JESUS name amen
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