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As the Lord has prompted your heart to inquire about booking Deborah Ross for your next event, we want to do everything possible to make that happen! 

By providing as much information as is currently available onto our Booking Questionnaire below, we can quickly respond to your request of dates and terms.    

Our goal is to serve ministries of all sizes to the glory of God as our schedule will allow.  Communication is the key to a booking agreement that is amiable between both parties; so please, feel free to ask questions throughout the booking process. 

Deborah Ross travels from the eastern side of Charlotte, NC.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

The form below is a request only and does not serve as a confirmation of booking. 

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Are you asking Deborah to:
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Speaking / Message 20min. - 30 min.
Speaking / Message 45min. - 60 min.
 Speaking / Message 90 min. or other
 Woman2Woman Conference 
 Keepin' It Real Women's Conference
 911 Marriage Conference or Retreat (couples)
 Save It!  Co-Ed Marriage Bible Study Classes at Your Location
 TV / Radio / Newspaper / Magazine / Etc.
 Book Signing Event at Your Store
Special Music with Trax and BGVS 5min. - 15min.
Special Music with Trax and BGVS 30min.
Special Music with Worship Team & Musician
Special Choreography (please list details below)
Prophetic Worship Dance
Other - Please list below.
Day(s) & Date(s) you are requesting to
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is expected to minister:
Type of event (Local; Regional; National; International; Retreat; Conference- specify Co-Ed or Women Only; Crusade; Convention; 1-2or more day Event; Mother/Daughter, Revival; Seminar; TV; Radio; Show Host; Interview; Holiday Event; Classes; Break-Out Sessions; Etc.):
Name of Church / Venue or Event:
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Seating Capacity:
Number of Guests You Expect at to Attend:
Do You Have a Speaker/Talent Budget? Amount?
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1) How are you publicizing this event?
2) Are there other Ministers, Author's or Artist(s) expected to be a part of THIS EVENT? If so, WHO? (specify "this year" beside of their name) 
3)  In addition, Please list any National Speakers, Authors or Recording Artists that you have hosted in the past (specify that these were "past" speakers).
4) Does your event have a theme or are you requesting a specific message title from Deborah Ross? (see: About Deborah/Speaking Topics)
5) Please list any other information about your event that we need to know in order to better serve you:
6) How did you find out about us?
Carefully review the above form before submitting to make sure that you have provided adequate information needed for us to understand your event expectations, dates, terms, speaker/talent timeline, budget and etc. If you have not been contacted within 5 business days of your submission, you should call 980-722-8764 or email to make sure that your application arrived on our desk.  
In His Service,
Deborah Ross & Mangement Team
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