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Booking Terms

Deborah is available for worldwide bookings provided arrangements for travel expenses, hotel accommodations and meal per diems are provided. Most bookings outside of a 60 miles radius of Charlotte, NC, should include these provisions in their package. Only a few exceptions to these terms are allowed in her yearly budget. Please be sure to specify your intentions at the time of your inquiry.

For ministry events, speaker rates are presented on a sliding scale that works within the faith budget of the host group, while also giving honor to the guest speaker.

Points that determine speaker rates:

  • Speaker traveling time/distance
  • Number of days the speaker will be away from home
  • Number of messages the speaker delivers per day
  • Total number of messages the speaker delivers
  • Whether speaker is booked to only speak (or speak & other)
  • Expected audience size (including workers & volunteers)

Typical event timetable options:

  • Deborah One Day (1 message)
  • Deborah One Day (2-4 messages)
  • Deborah One Weekend (up to 5 messages)
  • Deborah One Week (up to 10 messages)

To Book Deborah Ross

  • $750-2500 per day
  • $2500 + up per weekend
  • $5500 + up per week


*A generous love offering is acceptable for some events.


For Bookings to Include Jay & Deborah Ross

  • $1000-2500 per one day
    (1-4 messages / Saturday or Sunday event)
  • $2500 + up per 2-3 days / up to 6 messages (weekend events)
  • $10,000 + up per week / up to 12 messages (limited availability)