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About Lost Books of the Bible Like: Jasher

Monday, April 18, 2022 • Mrs. Deborah Ross • Apocrypha
There are many ancient history books mentioned in our Bible today. One such book is Jasher. It is referenced in Joshua 10:13, 2 Samuel 1:18, and 2 Timothy 3:8. This article addresses debates and suspicions held by the church concerning delving into anything other than the 66 books of today's protestant Bible. In conclusion, an example lesson from Jasher:
About Lost Books of the Bible Like: Jasher

It’s always good to think for yourself when reading The Word of God. Too often, we rely on what has been told to us instead of asking the Holy Spirit to teach us.

Our Lord (Yahuah) wants us to meditate (think about, ponder, question, investigate) His Word. His Kingdom is full of mysteries that will only be revealed to those who spend time sitting with Jesus (Yeshua). When we allow the Holy Spirit to tear down strongholds in our mind as we continually pray for spiritual ears and eyes of understanding, only then, will we truly begin to understand the mysteries of Yah. 

I'm constantly amazed at scholars who push absolute doctrines that they believe to be true, who then call those of a different viewpoint heretical. From there, church leaders tend to adopt certain doctrines that define their chosen brand of Christianity for all in their camp to adhere to. Thus, denominations are formed that no one dare question. Sadly, so many will go from being lost and bound to a life of sin, to being gloriously born-again and set free from their guilt and shame, to being bound all-over again by the constraints of religion that exists in well-meaning churches who want to keep the people corralled - albeit under the guise of being decent and in order.

Anyone who thinks they have God all figured out is actually his own god. Yahuah is so multifaceted that He can be studied forever and the student will never come to know all of His glorious ways. This is why we are told to be the "Body of Christ" whereby each person brings an aspect of knowledge, understanding and wisdom about Yah to the table so that we all benefit from His wonderful revelations given for that dispensation of time. Isn't it wonderful to see God in the faces and lives of His children all over the world - from so many different cultures, backgrounds, ways of worship and languages? 

Yes, God is always speaking. But, are we always listening? He is giving us a fresh word for our generation to help us navigate through the challenges of our day. But, if we only stick with the revelations He gave to men from days gone by, we can miss what He is saying to us today - thus; allowing fear, apathy, contempt, disdain, quarreling and most of all PRIDE to quench the Holy Spirit who desperately wants us all to be of one accord (whether we agree on all points, or not). There is POWER in unity!

Having said this, there are many ancient books mentioned in our Bible that are not included in the canonical rendering of the protestant texts of the last 150 years. Of course, there are many books and Internet blogs written by theologians and laymen of various opinions who tout the "reasons" we should stay away from any historical, sacred texts other than what has been given to us by the printing presses of today. These fear mongering, self-proclaimed, wise men (or women) of our day blot out any curious thought of searching things out for yourself, claiming that God alone is the one who orchestrated the current 66 books of the Bible; yet, the official 1611 KJV, the previous Geneva Bible, the Septuagint, the Ethiopian Bible, the Catholic Bible and many others include additional books often classified as the Apocrypha, The Lost Books, Sacred Texts or some other. In fact, many of these now hidden books were considered essential for nearly 2000 years. These extra books - namely the Apocrypha - were removed sometime around 1885.

The devil is crafty. His religious spirit comes as an angel of light to deliberately stunt the growth of God's children so that he can slither his way through the ages (under the radar) until the time of the revealing of the Anti-Christ. The 1536 execution of William Tyndale (claiming he was heretical for translating the Bible from Greek to English) is but another example of how the religious spirit seeks to thwart the fullness of God's Word from being released to the common people.

Over 30 years ago, prior to becoming a Christian, I questioned many things concerning religion. Unfortunately, once I was indoctrinated with Christianese, I let go of some of my free-thinking curiosity and adopted much of the information I was told to be true. I'm not saying that anyone deliberately deceived me; rather, I am saying that religious dogma is easily and, more often than not, innocently passed from one generation to another via word of mouth once opinions, institutions, seminaries, tampered history books, radio, television and the Internet chant the cadence of those beliefs. Sadly, over the past two years I've come to realize that, in fact, some nefarious authorities at the top of the chain of decision making actually "do" deliberately deceive humanity. Didn't Jesus say that these were of their father, the devil? In fact, it was these same kind of evil doers who had our Lord crucified. We should expect nothing less from this crowd in today's day and age. 

For me, 2020 was a divine crossroad that led me down a path for truth in the midst of obvious lies. It was clear to me that things were not adding up. Once trusted sources such as news media, politicians, so-called medical experts, and so on were clearly creating fear, chaos and confusion with ever-changing information while pushing agendas that created more world-wide division, suspicion, sickness, and death than was previously considered the norm. I concluded that if we were being lied to (or at best, not being told anything at all) in the midst of such troubled times - the likes of which I've never experienced in my time on earth (since 1962), what else is there that has been cleverly hidden from the masses? Naturally, my search began in the Bible... searching out Biblical prophecies and meditating on the who, what, when and where of history. I found out, right away, that the Internet (namely the Big G) algorithms were set to feed us more lies from their chosen "experts" who either got paid to participate in schemes of the devil or either who wrote about things they were taught through tainted history books or misinformation through word of mouth, TV, radio or Internet. I knew my research would need to be a deep dive orchestrated by the Holy Spirit or else I would never find written confirmation of what the Lord was speaking to my spirit.

That search brought me to question things like:

1) Who was King James? 

2) What Bibles existed before King James? (seeing how the KJV wasn't printed until 1611)

3) Why did we have 66 books instead of what I considered a more godly number like 30, 33, 70, 77, 80 or 88 or ???

4) Where are the other books that are mentioned in our Bible?

5) Who were these men that were chosen to select which books make up our Bible?

6) Are we living in the tribulation?

7) Is the "rapture" getting ready to happen?

8) Why is the church being so apathetic about the condition of our world?

9) Why won't church leaders talk about the elephant in the room? (vaccines, riots, election fraud, people receiving treatments that never healed them, people being denied treatments that have been around for decades while the media said these treatments were unsafe, cancel culture, political correctness and so on)

10) Are the interpretations of end time prophecies that I've been told to be factual doctrine actually solid, or could they be how men interpreted those texts during their lifetime not having knowledge of the technology, schemes and worldwide chaos of our day?

Again, the lies on my computer would need to be ignored oftentimes 10-20 pages deep. More often than not, I had to use an alternative APP like Duck Duck Go that helped me sift through the rubble of deceit and misinformation somewhat easier. In the midst of my search, the Lord brought a handful of godly women into my circle of influence who had these same questions; so that, together, we could check our findings with one another for validity, clarity and biblical foundation.

My take on Yahuah is that He is a big Yah who can handle all of our questions. I try not to let religion box me into a corner. It's a constant battle - shaking off religious dogma while getting back to my first love (a childlike faith that is untainted by the noise of more popular beliefs, of which, the apostle Paul classified as doctrine of devils). I have found those who scream “heresy” instead of having healthy discussions are bound to strongholds that keep them from growing in pure childlike faith concerning the things of God. So I try not to be moved by such accusations, seeing how these naysayers use no godly restraint in their name-calling and judgmental remarks toward a brother or sister in Christ who only wants to know God more and who spends countless hours studying and cross-referencing their findings using the Strong's Concordance as-well-as other Biblical history, varying commentaries (including the not so popular ones) and as one who spends lots of quiet time meditating on the Word of God in relation to the information obtained through deep investigation.

I know, I know... but the Bible says "don't add to, or take away." Well, let's look at that argument. First of all, "I" am not adding to the 66 books or taking away from them - someone else has done that for me. I am simply sharing my findings concerning the history of things being canonicalized and/or removed from the Bible we use today. I am also uncovering the lies that are all over the Internet and even in our history books. 

But, let's take a closer look at Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19. I think it is clear to see that Deuteronomy 4:2 is talking about obeying the command of the Lord. We should not add more commands than what are given and we should not take away, or water down, the commands that are given. Remember, Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but rather, to fulfill it. Then, concerning Revelation 22:18-19, we need to remember that a book in the Holy Bible is an individual unit. Examples are: Genesis is a book; Matthew is a book; etc. So, if Revelation states that we should not add to, or take away from, the prophecies in THIS BOOK, is it not talking about the Book of Revelation? After-all, the Bible (as we know it today) was not officially printed as one piece of literature at the time of John's writing. Each book stood alone. 

Friend, the devil wants us to be fearful of learning more about Yahuah, His Kingdom and Biblical World History. Quite simply... The devil is afraid we will learn more about him! The Book of Jude clearly states that there are ungodly men who have crept in unaware. Jude, by-the-way, goes on to quote the end-time prophecy spoken of by Enoch; yet, there is no old testament text from which this can be linked back to (other than the actual Book of Enoch which is not canonized in the protestant Bible of today). Hmmm... that means Jude got that quote from the Book of Enoch! Jude must have thought the Book of Enoch to be important. In my opinion, these other books have been omitted on purpose by the ones who have crept in unaware. If I were the devil, I would certainly have these impostors (the ones re-writing history) to remove anything that would keep the seed of Seth, the heirs of Abraham, and those adopted into the family of God by faith from noticing my evil ways. That way, they'll never suspect my cunning maneuvers until it's too late!  

Let me first say that I have been going through the Book of Jasher and putting it up against the journey of Genesis (as well as other Biblical text that references each account mentioned). So far, I have found no discrepancies in looking at the age of a patriarch, genealogies and the over-all story as we know it. While at first pass, the Book of Jasher may leave the reader feeling as if the story line is different; with a closer look one will quickly realize that Jasher gives much more detail to the story than what we are shown in Genesis. So, while you may think you are reading about a certain account you recall in the book of Genesis, you are actually reading part of that person's journey BEFORE that account in Genesis. For example, sometimes God tells us to do something and we don't do it right away; or, we 1/2 way do it; or, we do it and then undo it. All of these forms of disobedience require us to do what the Lord has instructed again and again - until we get it right! That same principle applied to the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the others. Jasher tells much more of their life's journey and allows us to understand "why" many of them did what they did. Jasher also gives a very clear and easy to understand genealogy which I believe is the key to unveiling the troubled times we are living in today! 

Having said this, quite often someone will ask me to give an example of something I've learned by reading the Book of Jasher or some other non-canonical texts. So, for the conclusion of this article I'll give one such lesson from Jasher 28:18.


So much more to the story...

JASHER 28:18

"At that time Isaac sent his younger son Jacob to the house of Shem and Eber, and he learned the instructions of the Lord, and Jacob remained in the house of Shem and Eber for thirty-two years, and Esau his brother did not go, for he was not willing to go, and he remained in his father's house in the land of Canaan."


1) Shem lived 600 years and so Isaac's son, Jacob (Abraham's grandson), was able to learn directly from Shem about the flood: the sin that caused the earth and every living creature not on the ark to be destroyed and God's plan to save Noah's family during a time of catastrophic world-wide destruction. People... Shem was on the boat!

2) Esau was not willing to go and learn, first hand, from his ancestors about the things of God. He did not do what his father asked him to do. He wanted to take-on the world in his own strength and figure things out for himself... bad choice.

3) Notice the importance of grandparents and great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents teaching the younger generations true facts about history and the things of God? It would be hard to re-write history books if families were more intentional about sharing their testimonies with their children and grandchildren. But, of course, nowadays we have so many distractions like TV, computers, activities and so on that there is no time for sitting at the feet of elders in this day and age.

4) Notice the importance of younger generations seeking to obey the voice of godly parents and grandparents?

5) LOOK at how many years Jacob sat under Shem! 32 Years!!! He was willing to spend TIME sitting at the feet of greatness!

6) There is such a richness in the Book of Jasher to be learned. Jasher is the long version of Genesis. Don't let the Fake Checkars, Semetary Experts, Fake History, G00gal Censorship nor RELIGION stop you from learning more about God's True History.




Note: 2 Timothy 3:8 was listed in the summary of this article because it is only explained in Jasher. The common person who reads 2 Timothy 3:8 would not know, specifically, who Jannes and Jambres were unless they read the book of Jasher.

"Although the names Jannes and Jambres are not found in the Old Testament, they appear in the NT in 2 Timothy 3:8 where it says, “Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith.” Here, Paul is illustrating that as Jannes and Jambres obstructed the communication of truth, so do false religious teachers. And history confirms Paul's prediction that the false teachings of men will be exposed and rejected at some point, even by those most deceived." - 


Extra Note: The Book of Jasher means Book of the Righteous or Book of the Upright or Book of the Just Man.

It is also spelled Jashar - with an (a).


If you are already well-versed in the canonized Bible of today and you are looking for more study time enhancement, some of my favorite "lost books" are:

  • Jasher (A detailed version of the Book of Genesis)
  • Enoch (About: Fallen Angels, The Universe "Weather, Firmament, Sun, Moon and Stars," End Time Prophecy, Noah, Enoch and more)
  • Judith (How God used a brave, beautiful, widowed, Jewish woman to save a nation while the religious leaders fell cowardly under the threats of a One World Ruler named Holofernes.)
  • Book of Adam and Eve 1 & 2 (Covers the entire 930 years of Adams life! Find out about the seed of Seth, Adam asking God "how long" will I (really, all of humanity) suffer under this curse, Adam and Eve's other children, genealogies, End Time Prophecy, the crafty ways of the devil and his ability to shape shift, more...)

You can find free audio links for some of these at

Also, my favorite new Bible is the Et Cepher. It contains 87 books under one cover. 


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