The Testimonies

 "Deborah Ross is a DYNAMIC teacher.. she is teaching to the Nations this morning about saving marriages. Many marriages will be healed form this recording."

- Keiza Alford - Professional Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist, Georgia

"Debrah Ross I see God's Glory on you. And there are great things in store for you. I heard the words greater heights. For the mission he has for you is greater than you can ever imagine. There is another level of elevation for you in this season. I see you warring in the spiritual realm with a sword. For the prophetic voice God has given you causes the demons to tremble. You're a warrior for God and have a heavy anointing to slay demons."

- Shavon Foster - Evangelist, Prophet: Clarksville, Tennessee

"Your book changed my life and saved my marriage<3 Thank you so much for using your story to glorify our Jesus and give hope to many hurting hearts<3" 

- Elivia Yap - Oregon

"Deborah!! Thank you so much for speaking at CFM yesterday. It was wonderful. God is going to catapult you up, even more so, because your motive isn't riches or money, it's doing the work of the Father... Thank you again for your obedience."


Brenda Houston - CFM church Conference attendee  

"Deborah, you were awesome. Those songs were perfect. I really felt what you were singing today. You really touched my heart. Please let me know when you can come back please.You my friend are such a HUGE blessing to anyone you meet. Sweet spirit was in our church today. Please, if you will check your calendar and let me know some dates if you would consider coming again and singing. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Love you and love your sweet spirit."

- Sherri Austin - Co-Music Director at Deep Springs Baptist Church, Peachland, NC

"Dear Deborah, I want to thank you for the wonderful job that you did at the retreat this past weekend.  You did up & above what I had anticipated... So much good was done."

- Pat Freeman - Administrative Pastor and Women's Ministry Director / Pathways Church, Knoxville, Tennessee

"The conference was fantastic!  As I prayed with words, I stopped because the Holy Spirit's presence was so strong  as He moved around the room.  Wow!!  I am so touched by this conference and continue to process God's presence and movement in our church.  I (we) are so blessed to have connected with you and your traveling assistant, Sonia.  What a blessing." 

- Phyllis Bennett - Women's Ministry Director / Highland Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

"You were used of God to bless many women last week and a number of women experienced some healing in certain areas of their lives.  You didn't just impact the women; because of their healing it will be an overflow to their congregations and the community around them."

- Marlene Hampton - NC Baptist Ministers' Wives Retreat Director 

"Thank you for the gift basket as it will continue to invest in me and others as I use it in ministry.  I mostly thank you for emptying yourself for the cause of Christ.  The study He put in your heart and authenticity of spirit have touched my life intimately.  Thank you for being an instrument in the Masters hands."
- Lenora Whitley - Pastor's Wife at NC Baptist Ministers' Wives Retreat 

"Our church recently hosted Jay and Deborah Ross for a "Healthy Marriage Conference" was amazing! We would pursue them again, without hesitation, in order to have more couples involved."
- Paul M Saleeby
Pastor, Benton Heights Presbyterian Church (Monroe, NC)

"You are an absolutely wonderful speaker! You really touched my heart this weekend at the Catawba Heights Women's Retreat. I was meant to be there & Satan did all he could to try & keep me away. You are amazing! Thank you!" 
 - Lindsey McKee, NC

"Hello Deborah! I prayed for you as you traveled back home Saturday. I attended the conference at The Lamb's Chapel this past weekend, and let me just tell you.....giiiirrrrrrl! You were awesome, and all praise, glory and honor be unto Him that lives were changed, hearts were touched and the gospel of our precious Lord was spread to yet another part of the world! I just soaked up every nano second of your message."
- Rhonda Ross Pope, NC

"I've known Deborah and Jay Ross for years and they've allowed God to use their story of restoration to help bring encouragement, hope and healing to individuals, couples, and families. They have a dynamic ministry and I would recommend using them for a speaking/singing engagement if you want to reach out to hurting people.  I can't thank them enough for coming through for a seminar when our scheduled speakers cancelled at the last minute. With less than a 24-hour notice, they came and delivered a beautiful message and program, true examples of 2 Tim. 4:2, being prepared in season and out of season." 

- Cynthia Hunt - Director, Life Care Center (Central Church of God), Charlotte, NC

"It was a joy to have you on Babbie's House!Your story is so powerful and I believe God will use it over and over again to heal those who are discouraged about their marriages and are about to give up hope. You are a real joy.My prayers are with you as you share what God is doing in yourlife."
- Babbie Mason - Christian Music Artist & Songwriter, Ga.

"I finished your book on yesterday........I can't put into words the message behind your book.....Your transparency about your marriage and life is truly a testimony to how awesome God is! Your book has helped me to reevaluate some things in my own marriage.........because I have experienced just about every emotion there is.......from happiness, pain, joy, anger, bitterness, and the list goes on......but truly Love never fails! Thank you for blessing us with the word on last Saturday, we were truly blessed!"
- Amethrea Crawford - Women's Ministry Director, Harvest Ministries Church, Wadesboro, NC

"I've been meaning to write you to let you know I purchased and read your book. It was absolutely amazing! I couldn't put it down! I literally read it over a weekend! I even spoke with the pastor about possibly working it into a bible study/class for the church. Such an awesome testimony... this really put things into perspective for me!"
- Kelly Austin Sexton - Tennessee

"I so loved your CD that you sent to me. God has anointed you to bless families and marriages. I want to encourage you today to "keep going" with your calling and vision to set the captives free! I'll never forget you introducing me to the Holy Ghost in your van that day. Your passion and fervor for the Lord will be mightily used. I love you."
- Cheryl Hebert Cutlip, Founder / Project Dance Worldwide, NYC

"About the Good News Newspaper Article of South Flordia. Wow! This is an AMAZING article, Deborah!I am so VERY impressed.Wow! Bless you in all your are doing in your life serving your family and the Lord. I am so honored to know you.WHAT AN INSPIRATION YOUR MARRIAGE IS TO US ALL!"
- Erin Campbell, Director / Executive Producer, Erin Campbell Ministries, Ohio

"Dear Pst. Deborah,Thank you for your prayers and wonderful ministry devotions . I am humbled, we have just finished the service at Mt. Elgon, the church had ten members and invited other people from which five gave their lives to the Lord, this is the result of your teachings which I used. I will travel back home tomorrow. Glory, honor and praise be to God who leads people to salvation. Be a vessel the Lord uses to nourish and flourish his Church in Bungoma Kenya."
- Pastor Khaemba Meshack, Kenya

"This woman is VERY good. Her teachings are spiritual, scriptural, and CONVICTING!!!"
- Melissa Prince, The Inspirational Network (INSP), NC

Healing a Broken Marriage is a powerful testimony of one woman's determination to see her husband living for Christ and her family living a fruitful and productive life in the Kingdom. Despite overwhelming obstacles; Deborah Garrett Ross stayed the course, fought the fight and her dream of a godly husband, is now a living example of the saving grace of a loving God.

- Joni Lamb, Co-founder, Daystar Television Network, Texas

"I recommend Deborah wholeheartedly to anyone who is interested in hosting a Bible teacher and anointed singer who will inevitably lovingly confront this culture with the truth of God's Word. Deborah has exhibited a genuine call from the Lord to pursue His will for her life in the area of encouragement to the church. Her passion to see the unchurched come to Christ is contagious and bears fruit. Her life experiences help her to identify with today's woman. Her ability to relate to the various needs of others makes her effective in the service of our Lord."
- Rev. Mike Whitson - First Baptist Church of Indian Trail, Senior Pastor, NC

"I rarely get to listen to my guests on radio/TV but I heard a brief minute this morning toward the end of the hour - what a blessing to hear you share your message to all of north Georgia (and the world via internet!) - I'm honored to represent you!"
- Stacy Robinson, The Robinson Agency, Ga.

"Hey Deborah- just wanted you to know how much this class and your teaching has touched me---Thank you for sharing your story thru your book and discussions. You and Jay are a blessing from GOD and I thank you for showing your FAITH and TRUST in the LORD. It has moved me in many ways, also how obeying the LORD can change your life. Awesome stuff..."
- Gordan Stegall, NC

"Her writing is full of truth, love, and life transforming revelation! Deborah Ross is a living testimony of God's grace and power! She is a mighty woman of God."

- Lisa Colon, Founder of WeUsedtoBeYou Ministries, Texas

 "I want to let you know that, even though I'm single, I have TRULY been blessed - to tears - by your book! I started reading it this morning, and before I knew it, I had read the entire thing. What a testimony! I cannot wait to recommend it to a couple of women who are desperately in need of the wisdom and solid Biblical advice set forth in your book..."
- Joyce Bailey, TWILY Ministries, Michigan

 "Deborah, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I could not put it down once I started. Also, I would like to tell you how much it helped me in a trial I was going through at that time. I am not married so I was not trying to heal a broken marriage although I wish I had this book over 10 years ago. When I started reading your book I was going through a very difficult time on my job. Your book ministered to me even in that area of my life. Particular I wanted to mention your prayer "God give me the strength to endure and the courage to overcome." That was my prayer all week last week. I cannot tell you how much that helped me get through a very difficult time. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and I wish you much success with your book and your ministry."

- Debra McCorkle, NC

 "As I was sitting at home alone one Saturday afternoon I decided to pick up the book "Healing a Broken Marriage." As I start to read in Chapter 3 I find myself not really saved in the blood of Christ... As I continued to read the book in Chapter 3 I was touched like I have never been touched before. I dropped that book, fell to my knees and started praying the forgiving prayer I needed in my life. Can I just say from that day my life has not been the same. I am now a child of the Lord and I have ETERNAL LIFE and my name has been written in the BOOK of LIFE.... May God bless you as he has Blessed ME!!!!!!!!" 

- Jason Townsend, NC

"Thank you so much. I am still healing from my husband's affair from over two years ago. It gets better with the grace of God. I have read your book and it is excellent. I know that my marriage will continue to be restored."

- Robin H. - Missouri

"Glory to God! Thank you so much for your ministry. I am reading your book for a second time this week, and I have been passing it along to many friends going through similar situations. I have been searching for a book like yours for many years, and I know the Lord waited until just recently to reveal it to me. Your situation is so similar to mine, and while I was reading it I was just weeping and praising God. I needed so badly to hear someone say that God really is who He says He is. I am in a conservative church right now that doesn't truly believe in the amazing power of God! I believe my miracle is close, and I will definitely be letting you (and the rest of the world!) know when it does."

- Brooke Saltsman - Hawaii

I know you are a busy person, but I wanted to say your teaching about Saul was one of the best of many I have heard. The presentation of different verses of scripture was what helped for better insight and retention to the memory. Thanks for your work on doing this and everybody say thank you Lord and Deborah!"
 - Doug Fuller, North Carolina

"The ministry of Deborah Ross is phenomenal. Her biblical teachings are powerful, illuminating, and captivating.  Her testimony is indicative of God's restoration power and her "contagious faith" inspires believers to trust God's word above all things. Deborah is definitely one of the upcoming anointed voices in Christendom. She's God's secret weapon..."
-Lady Stephanie Thompson, Faith and Favor Ministries, NC

"I was checking out your website. I love your heart, spirit and ministry."
Alvin Slaughter - Christian Music Recording Artist, NYC


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