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Save It! Marriage Bible Study / Leadership Package
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Want to teach a REAL LIFE Marriage Bible Study?

The Save It! Marriage Bible Study LEADERSHIP PACKAGE gives you the curriculum, resources, support and RESULTS needed for you to teach a successful class! 

It's never too early - or too late - to learn godly principles that cultivate a healthy marriage. The Save It! Marriage Bible Study is an intensive course that highlights biblical truths for achieving wholeness, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration and even deliverance. This proven bible study will teach you how to defeat the powers of darkness so that your marriage not only survives - but THRIVES! Consider this class as pre-marital boot camp, a faith builder for those in good marriages, and a LIFE-LINE FOR THOSE IN BAD MARRIAGES. Topics like: What Men Need / What Women Need; How to Be Intentional About Your Marriage; Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds; Forgiveness is a Commandment; Family Order... and more! Based off of 1 Corinthians 13 - "Love Never Fails."

Save A Marriage... Save A Family!
This in-depth study material has been developed for those married, engaged, separated, and even those divorced who are praying for reconciliation.


1 - Teacher's Manual (Deborah's Personal Teaching Outline & Notes)

1 - Classroom Study Notes Booklet

1 - Faith, Forgivness, Future DVD

1 - Root Digger Double Teaching CD

1 - God's Word and My Husband's Soul CD

1 - Healing a Broken Marriage: Walking Out Your Faith CD

1 - Healing a Broken Marriage - Signed Copy - BOOK (for teacher)

1 - Music CD Created Specifically for This Study

PLUS - Unlimited On-line Resources & Support



Each classroom couple (or participant) will need their own copy of:

  1. Save It! Marriage Bible Study (Classroom Study Notes)
  2. Healing a Broken Marriage  


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