Our Vision

Broken Humanity released from the bondage of sin.

Saints equipped for Kingdom purposes.

Broken Souls restored to peace, perspective and purpose for their lives.

The World becomes a better place for all.

Ultimately, populating heaven with those who finish the race.



Unfortunately, hurting people, hurt people. It's the viscous cycle of dysfunction that plagues humanity.

The good news is that God wants all of humanity free from the wages of sin. The heart of God is to save mankind from the aftermath of bad life choices that have brought about despair and brokenness - oftentimes enslaving generations to a self destructive state of worthlessness, pain and suffering. 

The vision of DRM is to see broken humanity released from the bondage of sin, to see the saints equipped for Kingdom purposes and to see broken souls restored to peace, perspective and purpose for their lives. 

By explaining the good news of the gospel message, an invitation is made to hurting people so that they can choose whether, or not, to accept the free gift of salvation made available to anyone who will believe in the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ. 

Each time we effectively help one person break free from the bondage of sin, that person then begins a journey that multiplies and brings positive change to those in their circle of influence. Hearts are mended, families are restored, children kept innocent, relationships are strengthened, addictions are broken, dysfunctions are banished... and the list goes on. 

Our teachings and materials address the struggles of mankind and provide a pathway to spiritual, emotional, mental, relational and even bodily healing through wise counsel from God's Word, mixed with the supernatural power of God whereby peace is like a medicine.

By bringing hope and healing to the entire person - body, soul and spirit - the world becomes a better place for all.